Selling Real Estate Online

Most every investor thinks that in order to sell a property you have to hit the pavement and search for your buyers however this is simply not the case anymore.

Before the internet that statement held true but today not only is it possible to sell property to people you will never see in person but its pretty simple to do. Through trial and error with my properties in Detroit I have been able to sell 3 properties that I paid under $5,000 for and flip them for over $20,000 each.

Not only did I make a nice profit but I found some nice software here that automates the building of real estate sales pages to market your investment property. Within 15 minutes you can have your property picture downloaded to a webpage, type up a great looking sales page, and start advertising online.

Presto now all you have to do is way for prospective buyers to email or call you. You can even add google maps to the sales page which shows the location of the home and a up close view.

With this software you will never need to look for buyers since the buyer will come to you. Why not use technology to your advantage?

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$1,000 Houses

Is it possible to buy a single family home for less than most peoples monthly mortgage payment? The answer is yes if you don’t mind Detroit with its high property taxes and crime.

Why would anyone buy these homes? For me its about making passive income. Look at it this way, where else can you invest a few $1,000 including fix up and earn $500/month in passive income? Not many places so I am willing to take the risk and invest.

To be honest I have many years of real estate investing knowledge and experience so the risk is probably less than your average home buyer. The other side of all the bad news with Detroit is that there is a lot of opportunity to make money in real estate.

The pictures above show a home I bought for $1,100. After about $2,500-$3,000 in painting, carpet, siding, and appliances I am looking at a $500/month payment every month from a home buyer that I will finance myself.

I know this is possible there because I have done it several times before, you just have to be willing to take the risks and know what your doing. If you would like to buy a home for yourself to live in or as an investment please take a look at my website at for more information.

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Iphone Apps

Having heard so much information and buzz about the Iphone and now the Ipad I was wondering how I could capitalize on this trend.

After researching that there were quite a few people having apps developed and making a ton of money from them I decided to research more in depth last year.

At the time I though that this wouldn’t work for me since I didn’t know how to make an app so I gave up on the ideas until I read this book.

Not only does this book tell you how to get an iphone app made cheap but it tells you where to go to get them developed.

Without this book there is no way I would have ever threw my hat into the app game. Now I have 1 Iphone app almost completed with another on the way.

I put in a job proposal on and soon have several bids for my app. I settled on a $450 bid since the app developer had experience with a fellow website entrepenuer and great references.

I figure in a worse case scenario if I don’t get my $450 back from downloads I can always sell the app to another app investor.

So I will wait and see a few months after my app is in the I-tunes store to see if its a success or not and then go to plan b, sell it to another app investor, to get my money out.

If anything it will be a good learning experience and you never know it is always possible that it could be a big hit. In any case, if your looking to spend only a couple of $100’s like me I suggest you take a look at How To Create IPhone Apps With No Programming Experience

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I am always looking for new ways to make money from investing and peer to peer investing fits that type to a tee.

What are P2P loans? They are loans that pay a higher interest rate to investors and have easier qualifications for the borrower.

This types of individual loans are not for the risk averse but you do get to select the individual you want to make a small loans too.

The to most popular P2P websites are Lending Club and Proper. Both of these sites allow loans as small as $50 which when pooled together with other investors allow an individuals loan to be funded.

What I like about this is that you minimize your risk by spreading out your loans to multiple borrowers.

Along with this diversification you also get higher than normal interest rates with your loans, some as high as 25% for riskier loans.

If your looking to make more money without all the risk normally associated with personal loans take a look at both of these websites.

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Starting a Business

When investing most investors think of stocks or real estate but the reality is that small businesses comprise the majority of wealthy investors portfolio.

Starting a small business not only diversifies your investments but give you another form of income.

With the current economy still in recovery owning a small business can give you an added boost in financial security and income.

So what types of businesses can be started with little capital and risk yet provide passive income?

1. Vending Machine Business – Once your vending machines are in locations earning income all you have to do is collect the money and refill the machines or get someone to do it for you.

The best type of vending machine business is candy machines since they are cheap, easy to maintain, and only have to be checked bi-weekly.

2. Internet Businesses – There are many ways to make passive income online from websites to e-books to writing. Not only are these great passive income streams there also very inexpensive to start. A great e-book for new internet entrepenuers is here

Not only are both of these businesses easy to start but they create a great passive income.

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Income Stocks

With the stock market going up and down like a yoyo many investors are looking for a sure thing.

Investors are now flocking to stocks with high dividends to provide income while allowing the potential for growth.

What types of stocks should you be buying for income?

1. Real Estate – Often know as REITS (Real Estate Investment Trust) these stocks have to by law pay out at least 95% of their income to shareholders through a dividend. Many REITS pay dividends from 7-9%.

2. Oil/Gas – These sectors are in a mature industry where they can afford to pay high dividends to shareholders. It is not uncommon to have dividends in the 4-9% range with the Pipeline companies paying the highest dividend.

3. Water Companies – I love water companies as we will always need water. Not only are their earnings secure but they pay out a nice fat dividend around 4-7%. You will not get much growth in share price since the industry is very slow growing.

Dividend stocks are a great way to collect some income while waiting for the stock market to correct. You also will have the abitilty to grow your portfolio value.

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Real Estate Foreclosures

Smart real estate investors NEVER pay full price and by investing in foreclosure property you won’t be paying anything close to full price.

Someones misfortune can be your opportunity to make a lot of money.

How can you find foreclosures? Through real estate agents, banks, and public auctions.

The banks that financed the foreclosed properties are not in the business of managing property.

All the banks really want is their mortgage payments since their in the loan business not real estate management business.

These banks are desperate to unload their foreclosed property at less than 50 cents on the dollar in many cases.

A strong buyer will go directly to the banks REO (Real Estate Owned) department and cut out the middlemen real estate agents.

Not only will you be saving yourself the 6% real estate agents commission but you will have less competition.

What type of foreclosures make the most sense?

Homes in blue collar working class neighborhoods provide the best opportunity to make a significant amount of money.

Homes in crime infested areas are always selling cheap since who in there right mind would want to live there?

While homes in upper class neighborhoods are always in demand by investors and command top prices even as foreclosures.

Sticking with working class neighborhoods will not only be less competition but an opportunity to really clean up on profits.

If your looking for a complete guide to buy and selling foreclosures go to this site.

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Option Trading

What of the nice things about options trading is that it allows you to control a large amount of stock without the total investment normally needed.

Options trading gets a bad rap since many investors don’t properly use them.  Instead of using them as hedging options they basically gamble.

What are the differences between a responsible options trader and a novice?

Real options traders are not gambling they are hedging losses and potential gains.

Another words they avoid huge losses by creating a upside and downside trade and are able to profit from it.

A novice options trader will many times do little to no research and invest in a single options contract.

They may not know what a strike price is or why there are different expiration dates and why there are different premiums for the same stock.

Before you invest in options you should know these options basics:

1. Strike Price – This is the price per share of stock that allows you to start making a profit.  For example if your buying a options contract with a strike price of $50 and the current price is $45, you will need a increase of over $5/share in order to hit the strike price and start making a profit.

2. In/Out/At The Money – When you hit your options strike price that is called at the money.  Anytime you go over the strike price its called in the money and when you have not reached the strike price it’s called out of the money.

3. Premium – The premium is the price you pay to control your options contract.  The closer the expiration date of a options contract the lower the premium normally is since there is less chance of big moves either way.

4. Option – A option contract is a contract which allows you to control 100 shares of a company for a limited time and strike price.  Once the contract expires without being exercised your total premium is lost.

Although trading options can be risky it can also be highly rewarding.  If your looking for more information take a look at this site.

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Penny Stocks

Every industry and investment type has a shady niche and penny stock investing is definitely one of them.

The problem is that the majority of so called penny stock experts are phony.  Not only do they not know what their doing but they actually have no experience or knowledge trading penny stocks.

In reality even “real” penny stock experts only use a simple formula to achieve above average investment returns that include:

1. Trade With Discount Brokers – The majority of all your costs come from the buying and selling your penny stock trade.  If you can control this fee you have a good shot at creating above average returns.  Some discount brokers such as and charge less than $5/trade.  Use cheap discount stock brokers.

2. Keep Losses Low – Since more penny stocks decline than rise keeping your losses low is very important.  Whenever you buy a penny stock you should also place a stop loss order for 15-20% less than what you just paid for your stock.  If your penny stock losses 15-20% your stop loss order will automatically place your order to sell and limit your losses.

3. Let the Winners Ride – It is very possible that a penny stock goes from under $1 to over $10 in a short period of time.  Depending on your risk tolerance you may want to sell it and lock in your gains at some point.  A great way to do this is to sell half your shares when you want to sell and keep the other half in the market for potential more gains.  This way you take some of your profits off the table and allow for further gains.

4. Get Expert Picks – To many amatuer penny stock traders try to make their own picks and that is the fastest way to lose your money.  Tap into a penny stock expert with experience and knowledge that can get you extremely high returns.

Following these basic tips will make you more money than any stock pick ever will.  Penny stocks are a very quick way to make fast money so if your looking for expert advice and information go to this site.

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